How Make a Tomato a Rose.

This would be fun for Valentines Day.

Here’s what you need:


What you do:

  • WASH YO TOMATO. So starting at the top of the tomato where the stem is/was, use a paring knife (the little one with no bumps on the side) to make a cut about 1 inch long vertically. You are just taking the skin off the tomato, so cut it thin. Cut a long strip of the tomato skin by cutting in one long spiral ring around the tomato. Like if you were peeling an orange.
  • Take your long tomato strip, and, starting at whichever end is thinner, wrap the tomato up so it makes another spiral.
  • Once you get to the other end , tuck the end under the rose, and mess around to fluff out the petals to make it look nice.

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