An Easy Cake for Difficult People

This is an… interesting cake. My friend Raka’s boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and she wanted some help making him a cake. Just one thing… he doesn’t like cake. Well, he only likes pound cake. And he only likes orange chocolate. And she wanted it to have lots of his favorite candy (sour patch kids…). WHOA. So we came up with a KILLER idea to make a cake out of virtually anything. So If you have someone in your life who only likes like 4 things (and we all do, don’t we?), this is a great way to make them something they will ADORE.

What you need:

  • Base: This can be anything, we used pound cake. You could do ice cream, cookies, pie, I’m thinking banana bread would be pretty awesome. The only requirement is that this item can be sturdy and can form to whatever shape you want your cake to be.
  • Adhesive: We used a chocolate ganache with orange zest. Idea include: Peanut butter, frosting, Nutella, mousse, whipped creme, or caramel. Requirement: It has to be sticky enough to hold stuff to the cake.
  • Outer Lining: We used bars of orange chocolate. But this could be many many things. Ideas include: Kit-Kats, Oreos, Dried fruit, those wafer cookies with creme in them, fudge, Biscotti, maybe you can do granola bars for a health nut? The requirement: It has to go with everything else in the cake, be flat, and able to surround the base, while sticking with the adhesive.
  • Topping:The person’s favorite thing. We used sour patch kids (…it’s what he wanted). Idea include: Nuts, M&M’s, cereal (Resse’s Puffs?), cookies, Junior Mints, fruit, macaroons, or maybe even rum balls for a the picky partier?

Now here’s how you do it:

  1. Cut the base into whatever shape you want the cake to be.
  2. Cover (COVER – don’t be stingy) the base in the adhesive. All the sides and the top.
  3. Stick whatever you’re using as the outer lining to the sides of the cake – close together. Make sure they go about an inch above the top of the cake.
  4. Cover the top of the cake with the topping so you can’t see any of the adhesive (This gives the illusion that the cake is just a big pile of sour patch kids held up by some bars of chocolate.
  5. Restrain from eating it before you give it to them.


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